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canceld the firmware-upgrade to 3.0. Do I need to buy a new one?


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so bad.. Of course I kow that you never cancel a firmware upgrade... But the message that poped up after the Firmware started:

Writing from <stdin> to firmware ... [w]

I thought it wants me to press [w]. And that didn't worked. I pressed w and it changed to [[w] and went to another line.. strange things.. So .. as a reaction if something is not working, I pressed CTRL+C faster then thinking. And now the device is not responding anymore. No SSH and no reset-button.

Did I screwed this up? Any chance of a rescue?

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thanks! ok, have read the wiki now. I had troubles to find that firmware console board first.. and then I found it for 30 bucks.. plus the serial cable, so that made me immediately looking for those alternatives the wiki is speaking of.. I never have done anything like that though.

The Wiki tells me that any UART 3.3v is possible, so I typed that into my amazon search and found that:


What do you guess.. would that work? :)

oh.. Just by looking at pins.. I have a raspberry, this one has pins as well, can I just use that?

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