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3.0.0 WPS Button Bug / Work Around


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I was messing around with my Pineapple today and for the life of me I couldn't get the "WPS Button Script" to work. I looked into the script itself to see if there was something strange going go. I noticed that when I initiated the "Update Script" button in the control panel that it was appending a "^M" to the end of every line in the script (see below). My work around was to just ssh into pineapple and alter the script using nano. Hope this helps anyone that is having the same problem.


"Update Script" bug

#Script is executed when WPS button^M
#is pressed for 2-4 seconds.^M
interface=$(ifconfig -a |grep HWaddr | cut -d"L" -f1)^M
    for i in $interface; do^M
        ifconfig $i down^M
        macchanger -a $i^M
        ifconfig $i up^M

Edit the script via nano (To exit NANO use "Ctrl+x" press "y" to save changes, and press "Enter" to close)

root@Pineapple:~# nano /etc/pineapple/wpsScript.sh

MAC changer script

#Script is executed when WPS button
#is pressed for 2-4 seconds.

#This script changes the MAC address of every interface...
#Script by skysploit

interface=$(ifconfig -a |grep HWaddr | cut -d"L" -f1)

    for i in $interface; do
        ifconfig $i down
        macchanger -a $i
        ifconfig $i up

Ensuring that the script is executable

root@Pineapple:~# chmod +x /etc/pineapple/wpsScript.sh
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