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Another (probably) Noob question


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First, let me just say I am completely new to pen testing and such but I am a veteran tech and I want to learn more. I recently got something in the mail that was a promotion for a new TV series. Attached to the side of a fake old 5 1/4 in floppy I noticed a USB edge connector. Printed on the side it read "Insert this into your computer to watch the first full episode now!". I thought for sure that they wouldn't give out a video on a thumb drive so I checked it out. When I plugged it in, it acted a lot like the Rubber Ducky I've seen on Hak5 (a clever bit of marketing I must say). I'm sure that it was coded as a HID because I saw it rapidly open the "Run" box then type a URL to go to it's website and then I assume hit OK or enter to execute it. My question is, can I modify this device to make it more like a Ducky? What tools would I use to explore/modify it's contents?

Thanks in advance, I love this forum.

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Look into something called "PSGroove" and "PSFreedom". A few years ago, when the first jailbreak for the PS3 was released, a guy called "Mathieulh" reverse engineered the USB device that did and released a version that you could flash to pretty much anything "PSGroove" and a version for iBoot on Apple devices "PSFreedom". At the time, I remember he published how he reversed engineered it (and I think the BBC did an article on him as well).

Don't know if this will let you re-program the device you've got, but it may let you reverse engineer it to see how similar it is to the ducky.

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you want to figure out the chipset if possible, hints might be in a linux "dmesg" or under "device manager in windows" also what is the vid & pid of the device?

As for re-flashing - your looking for an icsp, jtag, or a button that may trigger a boot loader?

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