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Idea: WarFly = GPS + Screaming Pineapple?


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I was wondering if it would be possible to log gps data while using screaming pineapple or some type of wifi device, possible an outdated android cell phone?

Would logging wifi be possible on remote device so we could use it to collect and create wifi maps, scan an area for rouge wifi's, or would the speed of the screaming pineapple be to quick to get useable gps information logged with the wifi data?

why WarWalk/Drive when you can Fly?

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You could use Airodump-NG for scanning wifi, and I am sure someone has either made a program or a way to associate GPS co-ords with it, maybe Airodump-NG even has it built in.

And i doubt much the screaming pineapple will be too fast, when GPS is used on real planes :P.

I tried using my old Garmin eTrex on my airplane. It wouldn't show speed, it just errored out. Though the rc aircraft don't go that fast, so it will work just fine. Raspberry pi running kismet with a usb gps will probably fit.

Man, I miss the netstumbler forums...


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I would think that the quadcopter or even a octocopter is the best way to "warfly"

There is already autopilot hardware/software (ArduinoAutopilot) out there on the market where you can plan a route,

whetever it is around the neighbourhood or longer distances ( depending on the battery life ) + a open sourve wifi logger module

another great way is hook up a raspberry pi to control the multicopter with linux running in the background (airodump-ng, kismet, thc-wardrive, whatever... )

great example here btw :)


i really like the concept of warflying :D

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