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SET not sending full emails


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Can somebody help my figure out why the latest version of the Social Engineering Toolkit (SET) will not send the full email.

When using credential harvester and webattack turned on in the config file, you get prompted to send an email - however SET only sends the first line of the email and thats it.

Hope somebody can help

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RTFM, Contact TrustedSec, simplify your testing?

Sent an email but havent got reply, he is very busy. How would i simplify my testing, i have done the bare minimum to make it work. I get now errors or anything its just that the email created in SET only sends the first line off the email to my account and i'm not sure how to edit the python scripts to make it work

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Give it a week or so for Dave to respond. He is probably neck deep in DerbyCon stuff since it is three weeks away.

I know, thats why i thought i would try here and not bother him. I sent one email thats enough, hes very busy with other things like you said, derbycon.

I was hoping someone on here might have an answer

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