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Android tether not working? Any ideas?


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I have a galaxy s3 running cyan 10.1

Data is turned on. When I plug it into my pineapple and try to turn on tether its blanked out

Setup is
hak shop usb hub
Anker 13000 mah battery

Red usb plugged into the anker, black male usb going into pineapple. Female usb port on hub has a usb plugged into it going to my s3. S3 is charging and pineapple is powered up fine. S3 is rooted running jb4.2.2

My phone has a 15gb data plan and contract allows tethering . Any ideas?

Pics available if required

EDIT: after going to an area with decent wifi coverage i managed to get tether to connect. i ssh'd into my pineapple however after multiple tries over the space of 30 minutes it couldn't ping google.com or yahoo.com yet over the 3g connection i was able to download two ssh apps onto my android. :-/

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