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Presario 2100 with dodgy keyboard


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For thoughs who don't want to read much but try and help, in a nutshell the question asked here is:

How do you remove the keyboard from a Presario 2100 (AMD) laptop?

For people who want to read in to it:

Whats happening is the laptop thinks the shift key is constantly been pressed. I have Googled this problem and found a couple of forum threads about this problem (apparntly it's fairly common) but as of yet have not found instructions about actualy removing the keyboard. In this instance it's a speradic problem so I'm hoping it's only a loose connection. Any one have any ideas?

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It helps, I maged to locate said screws and remove them, but the instruction on the actual removing of the keyboard are vaig, and I am paranoid I'm going to snap the damn thing. Any help in understanding what specifcly the instructions say?

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Did you read down to this part?


"I had the same problem. I tried to open up the laptop without removing the keyboard first. There are three screws under it that need to be removed before the case will come completely apart.

First remove the two screws that go into the hinge area from the back of the laptop. Then use a small flat screwdriver to remove the plate above the keyboard (I went from right side to left - carefully). Four screws will be revealed to remove the keyboard. Remove them, tilt KB forward and remove cable from MB. Remove three screws and separate case (assuming you already removed the scads of other screws from the bottom and back of case), being carefull to remove interconnect cables as you separate. "


Hope that helps. Laptops are scary to work on. I prefer the wide open ranges of a nice, full size ATX case. :)

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