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[Question] Duck adding a Y at the front of all the commands?

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Is it a windows 8 thing?

Been using twinduck for months now with no problems.

Could be a timing issue? Im guessing you used the UAC bypass/acceptance "alt-y" to get the admin cmd.exe, so it initially looks like a sticky 'y' - very strange.

try tweaking your timings? throw in an extra "enter" between the "alt y" and the "string for ..."

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OK, your inject.bin is fine! if your language-map is US.

So that rules out the encoder.


I just tested it on UK Windows 7 64bit and it works fine. I dont have a Windows 8 OS to test it on just yet.

Update 2:

Think i figured out your problem, the first part of the code is a UAC bypass. Thats where the y is coming from. My bet is you do not have the UAC enabled, or your've disabled it!!

simply remove the "alt y" part of the code

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