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Chipsets on the wireless


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RT3070: Tested. Works well for me.
AR9271: Tested. Works well for me.

RTL8188RU: Tested. Has some issues. At the least, it does not support IBSS (ad-hoc mode).

RT2770 and RT2750: Have not tested.

If there are specific features you are interested in for the first three I can pull them out and test to verify if they work or not.


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RT3070 vs Atheros AR9271 vs RTL8188RU vs Ralink RT2770 vs RT2750 ?

Wich one of these chipsets performs best on wireless? on the alfa networks antennas?

this really depends on what you mean when you say "performs the best on wireless"

these chipsets can come in different hardware configureations too. for example RT2770 can come in usb 2.0 bgn or usb 2.0 abgn and the RT2750 comes in pcie or usb 2.0 abgn or bgn. of the chipsets you listed only the rt2700 chipsets (which include RT2770 and RT2750 chips) have 1x2:2 mimo capabilities and will allow you to customize the tx/rx bitrate and have full 20mhz/40mhz 11n features.

the ar9271 is 80211n 1stream so its only 2.4ghz 20mhz 11n compatible, no 5ghz.

the rtl8188ru also is also a 1T1R 11n device so it will have simmilar limitations for throughput and antenna diversity settings.

the rtl8188ru also DOES support software AP mode. as do the others.

so its really up to you and what youre going to be doing with the devices. its always a good idea to have more than one wireless adapter/chipsets. just get all of them.

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the rtl8188ru also DOES support software AP mode. as do the others.

AP mode (BSS) is different from Ad-Hoc mode (IBSS). It's entirely possible for a driver to support one and not the other.

The hardware itself is fully capable, however the latest available Linux drivers for the rtl8188ru do not seem to support it. This will probably change in the future.

The fact that IBSS does not work would be irrelevant to most people. However our specific use case was ad-hoc mesh networking, so it was essential.

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