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4GB SanDisk Replacement Recommendation(s)...


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Depends on what you mean by "not recommended". If you're using the pineapple juice, then no it will not work properly. Problem is the pineapple juice does not provide enough power really to run the pineapple under full load with a peripheral anyway. If you bump up the power pack to something sufficient, then the sandisk works just fine.

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I never bought a Sandisk from the hakshop so i went out and got my own usb stick from the local shop. 20 Euro in Tesco Ireland got me a 16gb Sandisk Blade. I followed the instructions and partitioned it accordingly to work with the pineapple. As for the remaining 12GB's on the drive i made a FAT partition out of it and im currently using Sandisk's Encryption Software on it. So all is working great. The USB stick works nice with the mkIV and lets me install what ever add ons i want and i still have 12gb's of an encrypted drive which is more then enough for storing sensitive material.

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I like your idea of adding fat/ntfs partition - BTW what are you using to power pineapple?

Im using an Anker 13,000 mAh. It has a 1amp and a 2amp output (2 usb ports) I run the 1amp for the pineapple and the 2amp to power the usb hub, usb stick, alfa card and what ever else i need (like an android phone)

Although i need another battery, my phone has an extended battery (8000mAh) and requires 2amps to charge so with the usb drive plugged into the hub it sometimes doesnt recognize im connected and android tethering fails. A standard galaxy s3 would work perfect though

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