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Hi, today I was reading an article about car thief's and how they use car jammers. One of the jammers looked just like a pineapple a little box with an antenna. I was wondering could the pineapple do something similar because the jar jammer what it does is jams traffic on a different frequency I think. I thought that would be really cool for a pineapple. :DDD

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Car FOBs/jammers are on several different frequencies, 315 Mhz, 433 Mhz..and maybe more.

DX used to sell them (called "modules" now..without the case, board only).

The old HP sig gen tuned to 315Mhz, 1khz modulation & roof ant pretty much shuts down the GF from using her FOB ( and the garage door opener)..A temporary thing.

I get in shit for it every time! ;P


Some might use a VCO (cheaper by the dozen) on eBay, tune it to the center frequency {it drifts}, one might add an oscillator input and a chip RF amp.

This is all very illegal, and anyone wth a directional antenna and spectrum analyzer might find you.


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