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Trying to tether a pineapple to a pineapple...


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Rather than buy a new ALFA wireless NIC, I figured id just buy a new pineapple. My first pineapple connects to any available open wireless LAN, thanks to Sympac's script. I figured to tether my new pineapple to this one, Id have to disable the bridge ( on it and setup a static IP on it as if it was like my laptop. Ive attached a JPEG showing my basic configuration. I edited /etc/config/network (i think I have that right) to the following below:

config interface loopback
        option ifname   lo
        option proto    static
        option ipaddr
        option netmask

#config interface lan
#       option ifname   eth0
#       option type     bridge
#       option proto    static
#       option ipaddr
#       option netmask
#       option gateway
#       option dns

config interface wan
       option ifname        eth1
#       option proto        dhcp
        option proto    static
        option ipaddr
        option netmask
        option gateway
        option dns
#config switch eth0                
#       option enable_vlan        1
#config switch_vlan              
#       option device        eth0
#       option vlan        1     
#       option ports        "0 1"
config interface usb  
    option ifname usb0
    option proto dhcp

Anyway, now my first pineapple, the one that connects automatically to the internet, doesnt boot up fully.

Please tell me what I did wrong.

Thank You Very Much!!!



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Maybe an easier way to put this question would be - How do I turn one of my pineapples (the LAN Client) into a normal "PC" so to speak. Since im tethering another pineapple (the AP) to it, im trying to remove the bridge and setup a static IP on eth1 with an IP of on the LAN Client pineapple. This is what im trying to accomplish above in my network config, but since my pineapple doesnt come up, im assuming i did somethng wrong.

Thanks again.


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To tether one pineapple to the other all you need to do is the following. 1st Pineapple everything is default. 2nd Pineapple set your ipaddr to and gateway to That's it.

You have to connect PoE/Lan to PoE/Lan


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Actually it looks like im still having issues. Ive gone through the video a few times that Deathdealerxx provided. Its seems very simple. Ive tried this as the video instructed and it didint work. See Below:

uci set network.lan.ipaddr=
uci set network.lan.gateway=
uci commit network


I re-flashed my Pineapples and tried again - still no go. My first pineapple ( uses wlan0 to connect to the closest open Access Point it can. This so far works fine. It connects and I have internet access on the pineapple. This pineapple I just intend to use as a wireless NIC to get internet. The 2nd pineapple (, as set with the uci commands, will not get to the internet. Both pineapples can ping one another, but the 2nd one has no internet. And of course, If I connect to the wireless on the 2nd pineapple (as its my AP pineapple) clients have not internet access.

Do I need to setup a route statement on one of these pineapples?

Do I need to run the wp4.sh script on the pineapple?



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