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Landlord's kid hacking my PC


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all the tenants are given a password to access the internet via the landlords router. We are all on the same network. The landlord controls the router and all passwords associated with it. Right now I am hardwired into the router. How do I stop any intrusion via this network. If I can't stop it how do I convince them to stop it.

gotta make them stop

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Quoted for emphasis. VPN or SSH tunnel all your traffic.

Also, stop using landlords wifi, get your own internet, no more issues, and don't use wifi if you do get your own home setup. Not sure where you live, but lots of ISP's can now offer modems for more than one house dwelling, so if renting a room in a duplex or something, you can get your own modem and internet account off the same address under your own name. Look into it.

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