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WPA2 Connectivity to AP on Pineapple


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I have connected my pineapple to an Alfa/external WLAN device. I'm trying to get it to associate with an AP via the command line, and I'm seeing a variety of config updates and changes to the system and other wildly unhelpful commands from posts 2-3 years ago, thus cementing my opinion that Linux is at once the most useful yet totally unhelpful operating system on earth, next to perhaps HP3000. I take that back. HP3000 is actually somewhat helpful.

Anyways, I've tried multiple wpa_supplicant commands without luck, reviewed a couple incomplete configs of /etc/config/wireless and found multiple aborted or incomplete commands. None of these have worked for me, for various reasons. I've also installed the Network manager infusion with no identifiable results.

My config is a Pineapple IV running 2.8.1. It is using an Alpha AR9271 that has been identified and linked as wlan1. My goal is to be able to have the rig pre-configured and hooked up to a battery where I can hit the power button on my battery pack, everything turns on, I can connect to the Pineapple via wifi (not using the PoE/LAN) and have it connect to my portable wifi device (in a non-persistant method - I'd prefer not to have this do it every time I boot) and use that wifi gateway as the replacement for the traditonal hookup via the PoE.

My question is this: Is there anyone who can provide a simple, straight forward command or series of commands that can be used on the pineapple to just get the thing to connect and then start using it like you normally would?

If any of you can do so, I would be eternally grateful to you. I have been a bit irritable for the past 4 hours.



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