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fried pineapple mark iv and the PoE port


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I bought a pineapple mark iv at defcon a few weeks back and everything worked fine at first. After returning home, I plugged the pineapple into a spare PoE switch port on my Fortigate firewall and it appears to have fried the pineapple. It was not clear to me that the PoE port caused the issue. I plugged non-PoE devices into these ports in the past and it has never damaged anything. I also plug in PoE devices and they work fine. My understanding is, devices have to respond to the PoE protocol before the injector supplies power, so non-PoE devices should not be damaged. If the pineapple is responding to the PoE protocol, but unable to handle what is supplied by the injector, this seems like a problem.

Hak5 replaced the device and after configuring the new working Pineapple the way I wanted, I again plugged it into the switch port (because I wanted it behind my firewall) and zapped again.

Beware, something about the Pineapple, the PoE port, or the combination of the two is causing the boards to become inoperable after connecting to them.

I am interested in any suggestions anyone may have on returning this board to a functioning state. I don't think it is bricked... power light does not come on any longer and if I plug into a powered hub on my MAC, it claims too much power is being drawn by USB port and shuts it down.

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