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Mark IV firmware 3.0.0 no root access


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Hi there,

Another question while I'm getting to learn the Pineapple.

The Pineapple seems to keep losing root access. After resetting the Pineapple, I change to root password. I can connect to the web UI and SSH with the new root password. However, after a longer period powered down, I cannot login to root anymore. Not with the new password and not with the default password. I have to reset the Pineapple and start all over again.

Anyone else have seen this?


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So after a reset I can SSH into the Pineapple as root user using the deafult password. I can also access the Web UI using root/default password.

I then change the default password using the Web UI.

Without turning off the power of the Pineapple I can SSh into the Pineapple as root user using the new password. I can also acces the Web UI using root/new password.

However, when I take the power off and turn it back on say a day later, I can no longer access the Web UI or SSH into the Pineapple using root/new password or root/default password.

I need to reset the Pineapple and make all my configuration changes again (including changing the default password).

Hope this clarifies. When it happens again I will post screen shots.

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Okay, so the Pineapple does remember the root password, but that is about it :(

In Karma it keeps forgetting the SSID I set (even though I click persistent). Another thing is that the date/time is not remembered. Every time it is set back to 01-01-1970.

Anyone else have this?

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