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ssh and scp


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So I am playing around trying to update my firmware via an android device.

I downloaded the 3.0 bin

I checksum checked it using md5 hash app

I downloaded AndFTP

Now I am stuck as never ssh or scp into my device

Can anyone tell me what I fill in Andftp and how to continue? Want to make this a wiki artikel eventually to solely use android.

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Wanted to use android only.

I use juiceSSH app to connect to my pineapple.

I used md5 hash app to verify checksum.

To Scp from android I probably need the pro version of andFTP as that supports SCP. I did not have that yet I used winscp from windows for now.

With andFTP regular I managed to ftp into my pineapple /tmp but could not transfer bin file.

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Link to AndFTP Pro ; https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=lysesoft.andftppro&hl=en

Link to JuiceSSH: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sonelli.juicessh&hl=en

For SSH and SCP you use port 22. The username is Root, the PW is your rootpassword (in my case still pineapplesareyummy)

After getting the AndFTP pro version, I was able to SCP with it (only in pro) I did a upload of the upgrade bin file for firmware 3.0 to the TMP folder of my pineapple. Which you find here: Upgrade.bin

Then use JuiceSSH to SSH into your pineapple. If you want to upgrade your firmware use the earlier provided:

cd /tmp/
md5sum upgrade-3.0.0.bin
sysupgrade -n /tmp/upgrade-3.0.0.bin

MD5 checksum should be : d2bc2ddd83482cd02769e87c2422a47f

Since I allready did that earlier and since andFTP pro does not have ability to delete files (or I just didnt figure it out as yet)

I then SSH into pineapple with juiceSSH and to delete the file again. Note You dont need to do that with the firmware upgrade as it deletes the file by itself. I only did that to figure out how to delete a file uploaded by AndFTP pro via SSH.

cd /tmp/

rm -f upgrade-3.0.0.bin

so, you can easily now upgrade you pineapple firmware and connect to it easy and fast using android device only. Enjoy

Other usefull SSH

Delete a dirname

rmdir directoryname

To delete everything inside a directory

rm -rf directoryname

WARNING you can really mess up if you type rm -rf /

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