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Pimp my House


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Ok well it looks like my family and I will be building a new house.. what does that mean to me you're thinking... Well I'm glad you asked

Being the Live in tech support for my family that I am I'm going to have a first hand role in the design and building of said house.... So other then my own server room what do I need to add... we have not even started the design portion yet so nothing is to big or too small....

I'm thinking of having all the computers in the house build into one room and run cabling through the walls so you would only have to plug the monitors keyboards mouse and speakers into the wall

he he he I'm like a kid in a candy shop waiting for what you guys come up with

[edit]I've just been told I can NOT put a computer in the wall (wires are fine just not a computer itself)

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A private home theater room

I don't know how much you plan on spending, but this would be really cool.

I remember when we were setting up the surround sound at my parent's place. It was a REAL bitch. All of the speaker cable had to be fitted under the floor so that there wouldn't be cable lying all over the place. If you were making your own it would be much easier cos you could add that stuff as it's being built.

also, keep in mind that most people use wifi because they don't have cat5 or anything else running all through the house. it may be a good idea to set this stuff up all as the house is being built. Also, good cable would be a good idea, because whatever specs cable needs to be now, it's probably going to need to be much better in a certain number of years, and you're not gonna want to have obsolete cable running throughout your house

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What I'd probably do:

Run cat 5 in the walls, get a POE switch for the server room, and put one of these in every room:


Have APs throughout the house.

Have an AD server, a linux server and a linux gateway.

I'd probably have a seperate fileserver too.

Ok... So that's a lot of cash. But it'd be nice.

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Install 3 coax lines, 2 cat5 lines per room in the house. Trust me, it will be well worth it in the long run. Have all these lines home run to the garage where everything gets grounded and is there first place sat installers like to place the dish.

2 Coax lines = Sat (With Tivo Support)

1 Coax line = Plain Jane cable TV

1 Cat5 = Data

1 Cat5 = Phone (You can do VoIP and use one Cat5 line)

You can not run wires to each room in the house and have the servers/workstations in another room. The signal fall off is way to great.

And, audio can travel down emtpy coax lines.

Once you have the basics, you are only hendered by your imagination. And it does not have to cost that much.

My most recent project for a client was the above wiring plus 3 drone workstations, 1 media server, and 1 media extender for less than $5k. And it only took a weekend to setup. However, it took the client about a month to learn everything and tweak it to his needs. The next addon to this is to have rfid sensors around the house so rooms can "adjust" to the user.

The hardest part of the whole project was matching drone desktops when the user switched enviroments and setting up the harmony remotes. You can easily drown in features in that remote.

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My dad just recently had a house built and we prepped it with some of the basics. We layed one cat-6 and a cat-5 line in addition to the coax lines to each room. cat-6 for data and cat-5 for phone lines, all the cables run to a central room next the the garage. My advice to you is to make sure you keep the lines away from the power lines and fluorescent lights because of the interferance, especially if they're un-shielded lines.

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Running fibre is the only way to future proof your house. The only expensive bit is terminating it, you should run it even if you don’t plan on using it, as you can always just leave it behind the walls. You should also run CAT6a as it can handle 10GbE.

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I ran CAT6a and fibre in my house, it well worth doing, you may also want to install an integrated home audio system. Install hidden speakers in every room and have it running of a home made audio server with multiple soundcards and amps, with some kind of touch screen remote control system (it’s not that expensive to do).

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I second the home theatre room. PLus if you have a nice projector, you can also use it as your 80" wide desktop. Imagine CS on that!

CS in surround sound on a projector, that would be seriously awesome

just imagine it, sniper bullets shooting past your head, making their way around the room. It would actually feel like you're being torn apart by an AK47. ooh, that would be nice

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