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Redirected to fbi.gov?


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So, I was browsing some sites on my iTard (iPod 4g). I wound up at one of those phony redirect sites that sends you to about ten different ad sites, and saw something that kind of scared me. I saw a bunch of odd adresses, as usual, but saw one that said something like 'fbi.gov/id(random numbers here) or 'fbi.gov.id(random numbers agian).

It messed with my head because I was looking at the most wanted, and saw the report terrorism thing. So I immediately started to panic, thinking I had reported myself/someone else.

I have a small amount of experience with computers, so I know there is a very small to no chance of this happening, but wanted some conformation from someone who actually knows. Its 5:30 and I need some sleep, and don't want to worry if I am going to be stormed by DHS.

Any help to relieve my obsessive and paranoid mind would be greatly appreciated! >.<

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"Don't click shit, don't get shit" ;) ISDPodcast

Grumpysec now..lol. "Don't click shit!" - Boris Sverdlik

Boris has been doing http://www.grumpysec.com/ for a while now.

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