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Noob looking for a little help


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I have a laptop running linux which connects to the internet just fine when I don't have the Pineapple plugged in to the laptop (PoE LAN) As soon as I plug in the Pineapple I can no longer access the internet but I have no trouble accessing the Pineapple. I've run sudo ./wp4.sh with no luck.

If I plug a cable from my router in to the WAN/LAN of the Pineable I can access the Pineapple Bar just fine.

Last night I did randomly get everything working once so I think I am close.

I'm thinking my laptop WiFi is logging into the Pineapple and therefor is not allowing access to the net. Entering the SSID in the Black Listing of Karma doesn't seem to help. I have installed a bunch of Infustions and additional USB storage.

Any pointers would be appreciated.


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Thanks Mr-Protocol. Now my laptop(1) with the Pinapple connects to the internet just fine, I can see my Pineapple and I can surf the web from the laptop(1). In checking the wired network connections I see the Pineapple on and on the wireless I see my home network with the IP address of Cool!

On firing up my wife's laptop(2) and telling it to connect to the Pineapple it seems to connect, but I can't get to the web. From the Karma Intelligence Report I see the MAC address of the laptop(2), an IP address of, host name of Netbook (laptop #2), and SSID of 'pineapple 6d:8e' Clicking on the Windoz wireless icon on the wife's laptop(2) tells me I'm connected to the 'pineapple 6d:8e' but 'No Internet access'.

I guess my question is shouldn't the Pineapple by default automagically pass all internet traffic to the outside world or do I have to start a specific infustion to do that?

Also, although when wirelessly connected to my router though laptop(1) and I can surf the web, I can not get updates from the Pinapple Bar. It tells me I need to check my internet connection. However if I plug a cable from my router to the Pineapple, the Pineapple Bar is now available and I can DL infusions. In looking at the Karma Log is see (device br-lan), (br-lan), and (eth1). I would think if my browser on the laptop (1) could get to the net wirelessly the Pineapple Bar should.


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