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[Question] Method to remove micro sd card (latest gen - green)

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Just received my usb rubber ducky. It looks fragile and for the life of me I can't figure out how to remove the micro sd card.

A long time ago I bought gen 1 of the rubber ducky and the metal door swung open. Does the sd card slide straight out?

I'm concerned I'll f* this thing up.

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One of the trade-offs in usability and cost as the hardware platform has evolved was going from the expensive metal swing door (which sometimes popped open!) to a much more cost efficient microSD slot. The board is also as thin as it is so the whole package will fit inside the inconspicuous looking case. While the spring-loaded card slot would have been more convenient it would not have fit. If you can't get it with your fingernails try a pair of pliers or tweezers and the card slot will loosen up after just a few uses.

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