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WAN Metasploiting /SET


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Hey every1 I need serious help with that

What I'm looking for : hacking a remote pc outsite ma network

I use metasploit on bt5r3

and nw here it 's

I got dynamic Ip adress

and i got No-ip host and installed the no-ip client so the host name almost act as static ip

I port forward with ma Tp-link W8901G sometimes i use specific ports and sometimes i use DMZ ...

My Host name is binded with ma router with ddns

now ..

when i use for example The Social Engineering Toolkit (set) for making a pisher and I typ the hostname in the web adress my router page show up (omg)

I didnt try this with metasploit yet ...but this pisher is the simplest thing i can do ,,and it doesnt work ...

I know i'm kinda nab with these stuff but i did everything i found about this over the internet for the last 3 weeks ...hoping i find some answers here :)

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