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USB Bootable - Ubuntu


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I am a newbie at this so please go easy.

I just bought a brand new Sandisk 32GB USB Cruzer Blade and then followed the instructions on ubuntu.com for making it a bootable USB. I followed the instructions exactly.

All that worked perfectly, however on booting from the USB drive I noticed that there is only 1.1GB for room which Ubuntu will allow me to use on it. Forgive my naivety, but I would have expected more memory available than that given its a 32GB drive?

What do I have to do increase the available space? I have looked at Gparted but I don't think that partitions is the issue.

Can the Ubuntu installed on that USB actually make use of all 32GB or just a small fraction of it?

I was hoping to have Ubuntu on this USB, then a vitual machine with Linux Mint 15 inside with hacking tools within that. I saw somewhere that the maximum is 4GB. Is that right? If so, then that is not much use.

Your help is much appreciated.

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On step 6 in the screen shot, there is a place that says, "When starting from this disk, Documents and settings will be"...then it gives you 2 options. The default is "stored in reserved extra space". Below that there is a slider that lets you choose how much space on your usb that you want to use. It's default is 1gb. So my guess is that you didn't change that setting. Move it higher to allow it to partition more usable space on your usb drive.

Also...there is a hak5 episode, though i forget which one, where Darren talks about how all usb drives are not created equal. Certain drives will give you better system performance than others.

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