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ap121u won't power up


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After reflashing my ap121u a few times, I bricked it pretty good. I connected my handy serial cable (yes, I left the power line off) and repaired the firmware. Not sure what I did wrong next, but after I replaced the 5v power line from my usb port with the 12v power brick (standard one that ships with the Mark IV) the unit won't power up. No lights turn on. When the power line is disconnected, all LEDs flash for a millisecond. The unit does not boot up, the unit shows nothing on the serial port.

I'm certain I blew an IC somewhere on the board, but no idea which one. Any suggestions which IC I need to replace to fix the power issue?


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If you wanted, you can buy just the board and slap it in your AP121U case. Keep your current antenna whip as well because the hornet does not come with one. If you are in the USA, data-alliance has them. Hornet-UB is the model, it also lacks an RF Shield over the chip.

I never got an RF-Shield on mine anyway


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