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Using USB Storage


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I've followed the guide by Darren and have been able to get an old USB drive configured and mounted with the Pineapple. I browsed the site http://cloud.wifipineapple.com/packages/ and chose to install arpwatch - opkg install --dest usb arpwatch. The command line reported it was downloaded and configured. This brings me to a few questions given this is my second day using the device :)

  • How do I launch the new tool (arpwatch)?
  • Is there a web interface?
  • Where can I find descriptions & documentation for the ton of packages available?

Thank You!

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There is not a web interface for arpwatch on the wifi pineapple at this time. However there is a log built into the wifipineapple which I believe monitors for Mac and IP address information on Firmware 3.0 its under Karma then karma log. on 2.X.x its on the main page of the wifi pineapples web interface.


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