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Web interface issues

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hi guys , on aug 9th i recieved my first pineapple mark IV device in the mail.

First of all i have to say it is much lighter sleeker and all around cooler than i expected :P if you have not purchased one for your self yet i highly recomend it.

After setting up my internet connections to the pineapple everything was smooth sailing until i tried logging into the web interface at and i was able to log in succesfully, that is until the actual interface came up on my monitor.

what i see is a stack of green rectangles straight up the middle of my screen. whenever try to click any of the links i can actually see it opens a terminal only half way on my screen showing the right side. if anyone needs to see a screenshot to understand what i am talking about please feel free to ask for my email address and i will send it straight to you.

im using the pineapple mark IV on what i believe to be the 3.0 firmware

my computer is an hp mini laptop running windows7 proffesional

my internet browser is firefox

if anyone is experiancing similiar problems or ( crossing my fingers) has a solution please please please reply in this forum. this is my first Hak5 product and i am very excited to be able to start using it. thank you everyone who even bothers to read this, and big thanks to anyone who finds a solution.


i attatched a picture of my screen whenever im logged into the web interface thanks everyonepost-44820-0-97770900-1376191784_thumb.p

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