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Pineapple won't work, only shows power light.


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So i was messing around with my pineapple and the power went off, when i booted again it only shows the power light and nothing else like when booting the lights look all the same but then it just gets stuck i guess on the power light only if that makes any since

i can't go into anything.

I'm super worried my little baby got bricked please help, hopefully its just me being a noob..

Thanks in advance and i'll try and like your posts for +1 rep

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I would suggest try doing a clean flash if you have a UART adapter.

Hopefully you weren't doing a firmware flash when the power went out.

Thank you for your reply but i do not have a UART adapter sadly...

Heres what it looks like http://postimg.org/image/tz0rqzvk3/

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Yeah, you have a brick right there.

You need to use a UART adapter like Mr-Protocol said..

You can buy them at many different places though. The HakShop carries them too!

I do have a Arduino Uno and i've seen people using it as a UART adapter

Do you think this will work?

Also a raspberry pi

This sucks thank you for your fast help though

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Yes there should be a post of me flashing with my arduino..

Yay could you show me the tutorial? Hope this works thanks a ton:)

I couldn't seem to be able to find it..

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From the looks of it, you got the Hornet-UB board because it lacks an RF Shield, and I hope that's not metal it's resting on like that. That's the fast track to shorting it out.

Thanks for mentioning that and i have stuff underneath it but i have done that before and i wanted to hit myself for being so stupid. -_-

Anyways thanks so much for helping me out guys hope to have it fixed soon!

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