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Windows distributed computer?


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the prices for creating windows clusters are so much more than linux clusters. If you need really fast performance go Linux.

Which kinda maybe brings home why MS perhaps isn't doing all that well. They have a very expensive product for a task that is designed to reduce cost. (people use clusters made of many cheap computers because it's better than going out and buying a supercomputer made of some very expensive hardware.

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Like having the cluster running the vmware process that in turn is running windows?

I don't see a problem, except maybe one. I'm not a clustering expert (or a vmware expert, for that matter), but from what I saw of openmosix, you have to specify every process that you want it to run distributed-ly(?). BTW, if you can find a better way to turn distributed into adverb, let me know.

As in, if you want a disributed web server, you have to specify that it will run the apache deamon across the nodes. Nothing else will be running across multiple computers, so every computer is still running their own instances of the OS and so on. I don't know if it will distribute dependent daemons as well, so each computer might end up processing a lot of the same thing and actually share very little, making the performance boost negligible. But I might be wrong, so don't listen to me. In fact, forget I even posted.

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