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Read this, the future of podcasting depends on it!!!


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UN to Podcasters: Shut up!

A new broadcast treaty being pursued by the Unated Nations World Intellectual Property Rights Association could put a nail in podcasting’s coffin and bury your existing rights along with it. The treaty expands the existing international broadcast treaty, which hitherto convered only traditional media, to include the web. It would extend DRM restrictions to everything from podcasts and YouTube videos to blog ports. By making it illegal for podcasters and other content creators to aggregate and mirror content online, whether it’s copyright or not, the new treaty could spell certain doom for podcasting as we know it.

Hurry up and start your vidcasts… and technically, if this passes so much for everything good on the internet!

Source: latest Maxiumum PC (Dec 06)[/i]

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I think this was mentioned on twit a couple weeks back.

honestly, some people can be soooo retarded. I think that if the internet and the web are going to be destroyed it's thinks like this that are going to do it.

From what i heard from twit, the person whose servers host your podcast get copyright on your podcast. It's part of new broadcast rights. So if somebody has a podcast that is under a CC license, but hosts it on AOL, AOL can sue somebody if they download it from AOL servers and broadcast it again. It's apparently ok to get it from the original person directly and re-broadcast that though. This means that even if it's after 70years + life of copyright holder, you can recopyright stuff.

You know, i didn't feel nearly as pissed off with the UN after Iraq as i do right now with this bullshit. (mind you i'm not in the middle east getting blown to pieces but i think the point is still significant)

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