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Copying from Windows 7 to VMWare VM of BackTrack 5


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So just found pen testers had done hash dumps of our AD at work and got some accounts. Wondered how it was done so looked around and think I found a video that explains it.

Anyway. So booted up my test domain VM and copied the SAM, Security etc files. As VMWare Tools is already on the AD box, it was easy dragging and dropping these to my main Windows 7 machine that runs all my VMWare VMs. VMWare Tools being on the virtual machine allows me to drag from the VM straight to the physical Windows 7 machine. Getting it into the virtual BackTrack 5 is the pain.

I think I've managed, with the help of videos, to install VMWare Tools into backtrack, are they running? I don't know as new to Linux & I still don't believe it's user friendly so problems working out what is going on.

So now I need to get the folder on my Windows 7 desktop to the VMware Backtrack 5 VM. But can't do the drag and drop that I can with my Windows VMs that all have VMware tools installed and running fine.

Any help would be appreciated thanks.

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Don;t drag and drop, just winscp them back and forth or ftp it over if its a host to vm machine, it only goes between them, not over the network so no need to worry about sniffing the files. wouldn't suggest sending them over the network in the clean, which is why scp would be better idea. I purposely make my VMs have it disabled so you can't drag and drop files from one to the other(personal paranoid admin I guess) but I transfer files to my machines with winscp or scp all the time and use FileZilla as a server on windows to send from VM's and winscp to log onto the VMs. More than one way to skin a cat. Shared folders and the ability to drag and drop, to me, always made me feel that if I could do it from the host machine, someone who compsomised the VM would somehow be able to exploit this if shared folders was enabled, and pivot off the VM to my host box, but thats just my paranoia I guess. I don't want to take that chance. If its a BT machine, they could easily scan the network anyway from the BT VM anyway, so if they wanted to, would probably be able to find connections and other subnets on the network in my mind.

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This is all on a test lab so the VMs aren't up all the time. Just for when I'm messing, then get turned off later. This is my lab setup at home so nothing on the AD of interest. Problem with all the suggests is my lack of knowledge of Linux, hence wanted the drag and drop options. Got it working in Kali Linux but can't find the HASH crack tool that the guy used in the vid. Will keep looking.

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ophcrack will do the trick, as well as a number of others, most of which are on kali(and BT), like hashcat.

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