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Unable to obtain Internet Access via Wifi through second interface


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I'm trying to get internet access through my second interface, however after I click commit it just stays on 'Loading' for a while, and when I refresh the page the second interface is disabled. Any ideas what could be causing this? It seems the settings arent being put in effect, or maybe my configuration is not setup properly and the interface doesn't start correctly?

If it matters I'm trying to get internet access from a Verizon Mifi hotspot, here are what my settings look like:



Thanks in advance

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Does the pineapple have internet? try downloading an infusion from the pineapple bar, if it works and your computer still can not access the internet, see this thread.

Otherwise try connecting to the AP from an ssh session, for ex

ifconfig wlan1 down
iwconfig wlan1 mode managed
iwconfig wlan1 essid "mifi ssid"
iwconfig wlan1 ap "mac address, or you can just put 'any' here"
iwconfig wlan1 key 'wep password'  //MIFI's use wep right? :(
ifconfig wlan1 up
dhcpcd wlan1

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