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Issue installing infusions


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Hello all. I'm a newb when it comes to linux. I know a little bit.

I have enabled USB mass storage with swap partition (Followed the sticky). I purchased the Elite bundle with the included 4GB thumb drive. I have the Pineapple hooked up to the wall wart, so there is no power issues. The thumb drive is formatted correctly (ext4).

When I install the infusions via phials, it installs it on the usb. When I navigate to the Pineapple Bar to show them, it reports:

"There are no infusions installed on this device. Records show that there are some intsalled to a USB.
Please insert it to access the infusions again."

So, I unplug the USB for a little bit, and plug it back in. I wait for a little bit and verify the Pineapple 'sees' the USB via SSH:

root@Pineapple:/# cd usb
root@Pineapple:/usb# ls
infusions tmp usr
root@Pineapple:/usb# cd infusions
root@Pineapple:/usb/infusions# ls
dnsspoof mitm nmap sslstrip
infusions monitor opkgmanager status
jammer networkmanager sitesurvey urlsnarf

I have the latest version installed: "Firmware version: 2.8.1"

When I click on the available infusions, it shows them as installed.

What am I missing? I think I saw an issue with the 2 partitions. I think I saw that you want to have 1 partition w/o the swap?!

What else am I missing?

Thank you for the help.

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Hmm.. It turns out that I needed to change the fstab a little bit. instead of /dev/sda1, it needed to be /dev/sda3. Not sure why, but it's working.

I'm used to running fdisk in centOS. Is there a comparable command on the Pineapple?

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