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Dummy smtp service and vpn service


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Is there anyway I can set up a dummy smtp or vpn service for my penetrating so that when a user is on my wifi pineapple and trys to check for email is comes up asking for username and password then tells them that they have no email

I know core impact v12 has this feature I'm just trying to figure out how I would do this ideally on wifi pineaple or by changing DNS to point all port 25 connections to a dummy server I could setup also I was wondering if something simular could be done with vpn to take username and password and certificate if they have one .

Core impact has a cool function where you can make it so that every page loaded the images are changed to an image URL with your logo on to demonstrate the own testing and is able to load website in a frame so that we are able to launch exploits from the other frame like Java drive by

Any help on matters would be apreshiated as these functions would help me a lot and can't afford core impact at 30,000

Thanks everyone

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