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Problem Texting Emails


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Hello everyone, I have recently got an LG optimus L9 running android 4.1.2. When ever I send a text to an email address it takes hours to send! This is kind of a problem for me while developing the smser module.... Also it takes just as long to receive a message from an email address... Also it is on the Family Mobile network which is t-mobile if I remember correctly. Does anyone else have this same issue on android/tmobile or is it just me?

EDIT: It appears to only not send if I am connected to wifi and seems to be a t-mobile issue. If anyone else has this same problem with their carrier let me know!

EDIT: Clearly there are some strange issues here that I want to address for anyone who might have them in the future. Your sms gateway on the tmobile/family mobile network is "tmomail.net" not anything else it tells you. It will constantly fail to send messages if you use anything else.

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