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My first day with Pineapple : Have I bricked it ?


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Hi, I just bought this awesome gadget and I think i have already bricked it.(i hope not) Please help
I connected my wifi pineapple with the mac (OSX 10.7.5) and did the following steps :
1.Set the sevice order right ie; wifi above the ethernet
2. Manullay configured the ethernet as
Ip address :
Subnet Mask :
Dns server:
3. From Sharing, i checked internet sharing with sharing from "wifi" to "ethernet" ( I knew it wont work because of Lion's ICS is locked to the network)
4. powered up the pineapple and connected its PoE Lan with the mac
5. Once i entered the ip address i was welcomed with a login dialogue box in which i eneterd the root and "pineapplesareyummy"password....so far so good
6. Then i decided to use the https://github.com/WiFiPineapple/web-interface/wiki/mk34guidemacics "Mac OS X Internet Connection Sharing - Option 1" and sshed in pineapple and did the required setting very carefully (had read the bold warning before starting the process) . Anyways after that i dont have a clue that how i have to get bak into the wifi pineapple "settings page" . entering doesnot connect to any thing.
7. When i check , i can see an AP with a name "pineapple 45:82" available and when i connect to it the following info is visible in my Iphone

ip address :
subnet mask :
router :
DNS : , 208.67.222....

I have tried to get into pineapple settings with but was not successful , do i need to change the ethernet settings for this ip address ???

I have been trying last night but no avail

Macbook OSX 10.7.5
Ethernet configured as:

Ip address :
Subnet Mask :
Dns server:
wifi pineapple mark IV
firmware 2.8.1

any help would be greatly appreciated ... Thanx

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was able to get into the setting by using

still facing a problem that the internet connection is still not shared , basing on the message which i get when i press the update button of firmware in the pinaeaaple settings. it gives me a msg no internet connection, plese check your connection or words to that effect . same message is given when i press the find infusions tab

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