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A couple of questions..


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Hi, New owner of the Pineapple, and I have a couple questions, and was hoping someone could help me out:

I noticed that http://wifipineapple.com/wp4.sh is missing. Earlier posts indicated that it was gone due to a DNS update, but I'm still unable to find it. Is this a similar issue, or has it moved. It took me a couple searches to determine the address listed in the book had been switched to 1471, so I'm unsure if it has moved recently.

Also, I noticed a couple tutorials for the core products but I was wondering if there were some for the pineapple bar modules - my searches so far have come up nil.

Also, I don't know if this is the place for this particular question, but as I'm looking to use this device in a professional capacity, is there any issues with the interception of packets from a legal standpoint. I know google got into some hot water a couple years ago for that during the google street view and mapping launch, but I was wondering if anyones ever addressed the legal implications of packet capturing during a penetration test or other security service.

Thanks much!


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Here is the wp4.sh


#define variables

echo "$(tput setaf 1)  _       ___ _______    ____  _                              __   "
echo " | |     / (_) ____(_)  / __ \\(_)___  ___  ____ _____  ____  / /__ "
echo " | | /| / / / /_  / /  / /_/ / / __ \/ _ \/ __ '/ __ \/ __ \/ / _ \\"
echo " | |/ |/ / / __/ / /  / ____/ / / / /  __/ /_/ / /_/ / /_/ / /  __/"
echo " |__/|__/_/_/   /_/  /_/   /_/_/ /_/\___/\__,_/ .___/ .___/_/\___/ "
echo " $(tput sgr0) OWN the Network                            $(tput setaf 1)/_/   /_/$(tput sgr0)       v2.1"
echo ""

echo -n "Pineapple Netmask []: "
read pineapplenetmask
if [[ $pineapplenetmask == '' ]]; then 
pineapplenetmask= #Default netmask for /24 network

echo -n "Pineapple Network []: "
read pineapplenet
if [[ $pineapplenet == '' ]]; then 
pineapplenet= # Pineapple network. Default is

echo -n "Interface between PC and Pineapple [eth0]: "
read pineapplelan
if [[ $pineapplelan == '' ]]; then 
pineapplelan=eth0 # Interface of ethernet cable directly connected to Pineapple

echo -n "Interface between PC and Internet [wlan0]: "
read pineapplewan
if [[ $pineapplewan == '' ]]; then 
pineapplewan=wlan0 #i.e. wlan0 for wifi, ppp0 for 3g modem/dialup, eth0 for lan

temppineapplegw=`netstat -nr | awk 'BEGIN {while ($3!="") getline; print $2}'` #Usually correct by default
echo -n "Internet Gateway [$temppineapplegw]: "
read pineapplegw
if [[ $pineapplegw == '' ]]; then 
pineapplegw=`netstat -nr | awk 'BEGIN {while ($3!="") getline; print $2}'` #Usually correct by default

echo -n "IP Address of Host PC []: "
read pineapplehostip
if [[ $pineapplehostip == '' ]]; then 
pineapplehostip= #IP Address of host computer

echo -n "IP Address of Pineapple []: "
read pineappleip
if [[ $pineappleip == '' ]]; then 
pineappleip= #Thanks Douglas Adams

#Display settings
#echo Pineapple connected to: $pineapplelan
#echo Internet connection from: $pineapplewan
#echo Internet connection gateway: $pineapplegw
#echo Host Computer IP: $pineapplehostip
#echo Pineapple IP: $pineappleip
#echo Network: $pineapplenet
#echo Netmask: $pineapplenetmask

echo ""
echo "$(tput setaf 6)     _ .   $(tput sgr0)        $(tput setaf 7)___$(tput sgr0)          $(tput setaf 3)\||/$(tput sgr0)   Internet: $pineapplegw - $pineapplewan"
echo "$(tput setaf 6)   (  _ )_ $(tput sgr0) $(tput setaf 2)<-->$(tput sgr0)  $(tput setaf 7)[___]$(tput sgr0)  $(tput setaf 2)<-->$(tput sgr0)  $(tput setaf 3),<><>,$(tput sgr0)  Computer: $pineapplehostip"
echo "$(tput setaf 6) (_  _(_ ,)$(tput sgr0)       $(tput setaf 7)\___\\$(tput sgr0)        $(tput setaf 3)'<><>'$(tput sgr0) Pineapple: $pineapplenet - $pineapplelan"

#Bring up Ethernet Interface directly connected to Pineapple
ifconfig $pineapplelan $pineapplehostip netmask $pineapplenetmask up

# Enable IP Forwarding
echo '1' > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
#echo -n "IP Forwarding enabled. /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward set to "
#cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

#clear chains and rules
iptables -X
iptables -F
#echo iptables chains and rules cleared

#setup IP forwarding
iptables -A FORWARD -i $pineapplewan -o $pineapplelan -s $pineapplenet -m state --state NEW -j ACCEPT
iptables -A FORWARD -m state --state ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT
iptables -A POSTROUTING -t nat -j MASQUERADE
#echo IP Forwarding Enabled

#remove default route
route del default
#echo Default route removed

#add default gateway
route add default gw $pineapplegw $pineapplewan
#echo Pineapple Default Gateway Configured

#echo All set. Now on the Pineapple issue: route add default gw $pineapplehostip br-lan

#ping -c1 $pineappleip
#if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
#echo "ICS configuration successful."
#echo "Issuing on Pineapple: route add default gw $pineapplehostip br-lan"
#echo "  ssh root@$pineappleip 'route add default gw '$pineapplehostip' br-lan'"
#echo "Enter Pineapple password if prompted"
#ssh root@$pineappleip 'route add default gw '$pineapplehostip' br-lan'

echo ""
echo "Browse to http://$pineappleip:1471  --  Happy Hacking!"
echo "" 

Not really much on tutorials that I have seen.

Yes, you violate many laws (depending on country, state, etc.) if you just start watching traffic. I am not a lawyer, but from my understanding you need to own the network or have the proper permissions. As well as a warning banner notifying the users before use that their traffic is being monitored. That is just the quick overview, it's a lot more intricate than that, review with a lawyer. But the bottom line is, yes it's illegal to just start looking at traffic being passed through your device.

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