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My pineapple won't do anything but let people connect

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I'm having so many difficulties with the modules that you can install into the pineapple. They simply won't work the way they should and I don't know how to view the log files it saves onto the USB hooked into the pineapple.

Wouldn't it be easier to just use commands on the eth0 itself rather than hassling with the modules?

There is only one problem with that. When I go to do simple commands such as "urlsnarf -i eth0" it doesn't show any live browsing even when I am browsing websites on the pineapple's internet.

I just don't get it.

I know I might be asking for a bit much from the community here but I would really appreciate if someone could tell me how to either get these modules working or better yet, tell me why ettercap commands and urlsnarf commands (commands like that) are not working on the eth0 connection when clearly there are people using my pineapple device.

Otherwise I wasted $100 on this pineapple device if I can't get it to show me live website browsing and do MITM properly. This shouldn't be this hard. It feels like sometimes the pineapple wants to work and sometimes it just won't work randomly.

I don't know if I bought a bad pineapple or I'm just not tech savy enough.

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I think I figured out what was going on when I was trying to do commands for my pineapple in the terminal. It won't show anything if I do anything on the network, only when foregin devices connect and do things.

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Well, you may just need to learn some linux / unix basics ;)

lo is the loopback interface dedicated to the localhost, so you won't capture anything from it. The correct interface to use is the br-lan, which is a bridge between wlan0 and eth0.

Don't give up because you have difficulties, the pineapple is a great tool but need some advanced technical skills and practice.

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You're possibly better off using the pineapple as just a access point and using like Backtrack 5 to do all the ettercap and arp posioning and what not with.

Also an awesome admin from Zer0 Byte discovered a cheaper AP much like the one hak5 sells called a TP-LINK MR3040 has its own internal battery and sells for under $50 on amazon however would require you to flash the firmware on your own though but im going to give it a try.

But take in mind to you are helping to support hak5 by you buying there WiFi Pineapple.

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