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external antenna for ZTE MF591 (T-Mobile) -- what connector is this?


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Looks like a U.FL - these tend to be common on 3g modems and USB WiFi dongles, you may need http://www.ebay.com/itm/U-fl-IPX-to-RP-SMA-male-pigtail-cable-for-wifi-network-/280482575515

No, it's not. U.FL has a pin in the center. These are usually used as test connectors at the factory. You'll see them inside mobile phones as well. They're not made for a permanent connection, just something for the robot(or underpaid asian kid) to connect to, while testing rf output.


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thanks for the pdf barry. It'd be nice to solder on a permanent connector for use with an external antenna. Perhaps my best bet is to buy a 3g/4g USB card that supports external antennas out of the box.

According to the PDF:

"This product is intended to be used for circuit inspection only. Consult factory if any other application is considered."

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