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Noob needs help with android and such?


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So I am a noob when it comes to hacking/modding computer stuff. But i like android and want to work with it in this way. So i was wondering is getting a micro usb to micros usb otg cable and a rubber ducky a good place to start with this stuff? or what do you guys recomend?


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Guest spazi

While the rubber ducky is a great tool, I don't think you will use it that much if you don't know much about hacking in general.

Learning how to program is always a good start, Python, C, perl etc etc.

If you are into wifi hacking/pentesting, learn how to use aircrack and reaver :)

If you are into hacking/pentesting computers and networks look up metasploit/armitage.

A great tool for hacking android phones is P2P-Adb by KoS

I'm not that much into android, but I believe you can use whatever platform you want.

Another great tool is nmap. Read about networks, how it works and how to connect to servers/computers etc.

Good luck! :)

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honestly if you really want to learn about your mobile android device and how to mod/hack it hop over to the xda-developers.com forums. my name on those forums is haxin so if you join can you put my name as the one that referred you? thanks.

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