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DNS redirection to Apache doesn't work


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I have a problem with my setup that i've been trying to fix for a few days now. After many searched on google, I wasn't able to fix my problem.

I'm testing DNSSpoofing. I'm running Kali Linux on VM, I setup an Apache2 server on it and cloned a website to put it on my /var/www folder.

I used dnsspoof to spoof the dns of the website I cloned on one of my computers over LAN.

The problem is this - when I try to enter the website using the local ip of the VM, it works.

But when I enter the URL, dnsspoof does detect the packet and does redirect the computer to the correct IP (I also tested it on the spoofed computer using nslookup), but then I get "server not found" error.

I could also see the spoofed ip address getting sent back to the victim on wireshark.

It worked a few days ago and I have no idea what changed.

I am, of course, doing arp poisioning(using arpspoof) on the target alongside with dnsspoof.

I tried to play with iptables to fix it but that didn't work. Port 80 isn't blocked since I can view the site using the local ip. I have no idea what could be the problem.

Any help appreciated!

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