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How to Tunel traffic through a File Server


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Hi guys

I have this problem i am not of a windows user spend most of my time on linux but here is the question or senerio

i have a File server and this file server has access to all the vlans on the network. mean that the file server is one of the

computers that has access to all the network ranges in a clusted network(More then one LAN/Vlan).


So i am not able to communicat with vlan2,3,4 but only the file server even if i ping those vlan ranges it fails.

but if i ping them from the file server it can get there.

i know if this was a Linux server it will be much more easy to tunel my request to the other vlans just by tunelling or doing some port forwarding on the server.

but how can do that with a windows server(File Server).

The main point of this is so that i can tunnel all network troubleshooting request from my computer to the other vlans.

Yes you might be wondering why dont i just bond my computer to all the 4 vlans. Problem is i dont have access to the router has the vlan configuration. and therefore can not bond my computer to all the vlans but only vlan1.

Note: because i have access to the File server i can actually find user names to IP connection by using the session command (net session) this returns all names and IP for everyone that is connected to the File Server. also a i am able to have admin access to the domain i am able to connect any of the computers and view administation shears like C$ this gives me access to all user file Systems on each user computer. This is a major security flaw.

but yes how to i pass commands from my computer to computers on the Vlans2,3,4 through the File Server.

i cant setup a netcat session because the AV will detect it.

is there are way using the windows built in services to pass commands from my computer to the Filer server then the File server repeats that command to the destination computer on another vlan and then return the out back to me.

if any one has any idea much thanks

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