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Can anyone recommend a case?


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I know this isn't strictly about the pineapple itself so if this thread needs moving please do so.

I purchased the travel edition on the pineapple and it arrived today, should be able to use it fully when I get my q200e laptop, and I will be travelling around a lot (henceforth the travel edition being bought :P) and the hard case that comes with the bundle seems a bit too small for my liking, and I was looking for an external hard drive case to store the pineapple and the juice pack in, but I'm going to ordering a ALFA NHA wifi card, can anyone recommend a case such as a external hard drive case that can fit:

The pineapple

Juice pack

ALFA card

and a little wiggle room for a few wires and maybe put my ducky in there.

If you can help it would be most appreciated :)


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