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Having issues installing pineapple modules

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It looks like your USB drive may not mounted right. What firmware version are you running? Update it to the latest version. Currently it's 2.8.1. Reformat the usb flash drive and setup the swap again. Follow this.

Also don't use a portable power pack. Just use the wall adapter for power for now and see if that is the problem. Some usb flash drive don't work well with low power.

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I'm going to be using a PNY 8GB thumb drive. I was just informed by my friend that you can't format a USB thumb drive into Ext4 format in Windows. So this will be the first time I'm using a linux based system like Backtrack to format it into that. The only problem with that is I've never formatted anything in Backtrack and don't know how to format a USB into Ext4. Is there a special command to do that?

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For the most part, formatting my USB into Ex4 solved most of my problems with installing modules onto the pineapple. The only module I'm having a tough time with still is the MITM module which is the module. It will not install. See this second thread I started for details.


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If you haven't heard of PartedMagic... it's a great live cd distro created for partioning drives. It's great as a Live disc or as a Virtual Machine.

As to your other issue with infusions, have you tried the phials script?


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