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Add POST variables to requests for a domain


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Hi, I'm building a wireless hotspot system, that works exactly the same as the type of systems you would find in most hotels.

I'm sure most people will have come across these, so will have a pretty good idea of what I'm talking about. The way I would like to handle authentication is using a remote web server which hosts the site that people use to authenticate, as well as a database to keep track of everything. The remote site needs to know the MAC address of the client that is trying to authenticate.

I have tried several methods of easily communicating the client MAC address, along with some other information, however the method that I would like to try to get working is as follows: whenever a client makes a request to the domain "auth.example.net" the webserver will check with ARP to get the MAC address of the client, and modify the HTTP header to add their MAC Address as a POST variable.

The above setup is what I would like to achieve, however have not been able to find much information relating to this. I have tried setting up a Apache/HTTPD server on the local network, which uses PHP and cURL to request pages from the remote server, add the MAC address as a POST variable, and display the page to the user, however I ran into problems with this.

If anyone has any ideas as to how I would achieve the above, that would be great,

Thank you

P.S. I'm running Arch Linux ARM, and the servers would be communicating over a secure connection.

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