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Bought 2 pineapples, both have power issues with USB sandisk & juice pack.

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I hear ya. When we first launched the MK4 and put together the initial bundles modules for SSLStrip and Ettercap didn't exist. We're really pushing the limit on this hardware under 5v. I think it's time to start looking at a successor to the Pineapple Juice 3200.

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If you're open to suggestions...


hfam suggested that Anker device in a different thread because you could choose 5, 9, or 12 volts. It's my next pineapple related investment. You guys might not buy the exact device for resale but something with similar specs might be possible.

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Yeah, that's what I'm going to grab as well. Although we really wouldn't need a switchable device. Just get a 12v battery with a voltage regulator attached. You can get those on Amazon for cheaper and they have the same barrel connector that the pineapple uses

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Good call thesugarat. I just picked up that unit and it works quite well. Unfortunately it is expensive and I've been unable to source a supplier - as of yet. I'll keep on it. While the versatile power regulator on the mk4 has been convenient, accepting anywhere between 5v and 14v, it has become apparent how under very heavy load a higher voltage is required. While for basic usage the 5v adapter will suffice I am continuing to looking for a suitable 5/9/12v battery pack.

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Well I received the new replacement drive and I serial flashed my pineapple formated the usb drive with two partitions @ ext4. Setup the drive with swap on the pineapple all while connected to 12v. I am still having issues with drive being un-mounted. !!

Recieved my replacement domain.com drive today but still the same issue. I cannot copy any files via winscp without the usb unmounting. I have managed to install some modules onto it, but it appears to unmount when under load by transfering files to it.

Set the drive up correctly as per the pineapples manual, 2 ext4 partitions, one 3gb and 1gb for swap.

To have it remounted requires the pineapple to be rebooted.

Also note this is connected via wall not the juice pack when experiecing the problem.

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Kinda new to this but what's wrong with going out to an electronics store and purchasing an even larger thumb drive say 8 or 16 gigabytes? What are the inherent issues with going bigger and better?

Or do the Domain.com usb's have something better about them?

Regarding power, I have an Anker 10000mAh charger and it seems to last forever.

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Found a possible juice pack for ya'll, the Qidian QD-184-SX

its 2 usb + 5-13v 3A dc jack, it uses standard (read replaceable) 18650 cell batteries

its sold with or without cells, single unit price is $17.35 (16 at 5 or more) without cells and goes up from there depending on how much battery you want.

I've been using them for field testing cable modems, seem to work without issue.


Sorry I should have been more clear, I've not used the 4 cell version, i've got the 6 cell version (20.4Ah baby) of the same brand, but from the pics it looks almost the same, just smaller ..

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Im using my pineapple with an Anker 13000mah battery.

It has two usb outputs (1A and 2A) i run the 1A directly into the pineapples power port, the 2A is hooked up to a USB hub bought from the hakshop which has a 16gb Sandisk Blade plugged into it. The hub still has enough power to run the Alfa Card. Where im getting stuck is on my Samsung Galaxy S3 i have a large extended battery (zero lemon) that requires a 2A charge so after delivering power to my pineapple through usb and powering the Sandisk blade there is not enough power left for my phone to recognize that im plugged into the hub to allow tethering to happen... i think im going to have to buy a second battery pack.

I must say though the 13000mah gets great hours with the pineapple!

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