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Initial set up w router


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Hi all,

I've just received my pineapple, and am of course excited. I worry my excitement is clouding my usual ability to read manuals, and I'd like a little help with my initial setup, please.

- I've got the WAN port plugged into an existing router that hands out 10.0.0.x IP addresses.

- I've got the LAN port plugged into a Linux laptop (for configuration purposes).

- I can see that the Pineapple is seen by the router and has a 10.0.0.x IP. (In fact, I added the MAC address to the list of statically assigned IPs, so that it'd always get the same one.)

- I've got the wp4.sh script, but I'm genuinely unclear on what values to supply when the script asks. Does the pineapple /need/ to be on a 172.16.42.x address, or is that just the set that wireless clients see?

That is, given my setup, can I just use the defaults of the wp4 script, and tell pineapple to use the 10.0.0.x IP as the gateway?

Sorry, I'm sure this is clear once I get started, but it's not clear to me just yet.


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