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[Question] Having a payload restart after the machine reboots

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Hello, I am fairly new to USB Rubber Ducky and this forum, have hit a brick wall with what I want to do, and was looking for some help.

What I am wanting is for some set commands to take place, the computer to be rebooted, the payload restart, and it continue in an infinitie loop, without any user interference to make it work.

The problem I have hit is that after the commands run, the system restarts, but the payload does not restart.

I figured that after the computer restarted, so would the duck and the payload since it is powered over USB, but no dice.

I have put in built in delays for the time of restarting, up to 2 mintues, and it the system is Windows XP.

If I am trying the impossible or if there is anything I should be doing instead, any help would be appreciated.

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What I would do is to write a script that uses programming techniques to restart after reboot. A few payloads that do this are the "generic batch payload," "deny net access payload," "batch wiper/drive eraser," etc. Typically the script has to be either located in a special startup folder, or has to have a specific registry key in order to restart after reboot. Having the ducky do this by it's self is too much of an error prone process.

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While I understand the duck handling it by itself would be too error prone, and willing to risk it,should the duck behave in the way that I have listed?

1. Insert Duck

2. Script runs

3. Computer restarts(because of script)

4. Script does not restart

On restart of the computer, the payload doesn't restart, even though the duck should restart due to being powered off, then on by the computer restart(unless it is not technically losing power).

And thanks for the push in the script on restart direction(nice Bioshock throw-back on the drive eraser one), although another question is how would I be able to run the keystrokes to do what I want without the duck functioning after each restart?

Thanks for the help


Just realized that the port does not lose power, so technically I just put in a long enough delay at the end and keep it going.

Which seems easy, but is just a lot of Cut/Paste. Makes me miss loops.

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I'm not exactly sure how you should go about this if you still want the ducky to restart after computer reboot, any number of things could make the script fail, including the user taking more time to log in than normal. What I would start out doing would be taking a hello world script which opens notepad, and experimenting with delays at the beginning of the script.

Delay some amount of time

Hello world


Another thing to keep in mind is that any special firmware is going to have a limit to the size that you can make the script, so excessive delays could completely push your script out of memory. I would work with the original firmware, or the V2 HID only firmware.

I would seriously consider using the "generic batch payload," however because that can run on reboot using a registry key, and it has most other commands stripped out of it so you can customize it's functionality.

If you need keystroke functionality, there may be some third party software that you can use, which emulates a keyboard. You could have a macro script for that tool, and maybe a batch file or registry key activating it on restart. I have never used Auto IT script, but it looks like it could be used to preform what you want. Have the ducky install Auto IT script, and insert the registry key. If you do ever get this last idea working I would be very interested in seeing the code.

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