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Unable to update Pineapple Mark IV.

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I am unable to update my Pineapple Mark IV from firmware version 2.4.1 to the current latest, 2.8.1. I have done much research into the issue and am out of ideas.

To begin with, when I attempt to update via the Update section of the Pineapple web interface, I receive the famous "Error, MD5Sum does not match!" message, despite the fact that I have manually ran md5sum from the command line and confirmed the hashes do match. I then scpd "upgrade-2.8.1.bin" to the device. As I only have 672.0K free (of 896K total) on rootfs on the device, I have followed Darren's tutorial and added a swap partition / mass storage via an 8 GB USB stick (I have 2 GB added for swap and 6 GB for storage). The upgrade-2.8.1.bin file is 720K, larger than my default available space on the device, so I scp it to the /usb directory, which, per /etc/opkg.conf, has my 6 GB USB storage partition mapped to it. I then attempt to sysupgrade -n /usb/upgrade-2.8.1.bin, but upon doing so, it appears that part of the firmware upgrade process involves umounting my additional storage partition mapped to /usb, so when it gets to the "switching to randisk, performing system upgrade" section, I receive a "can't open /usb/upgrade-2.8.1.bin: no such file or directory" message, and the device simply reboots.

The only additional package I ever added to my Pineapple was the sitesurvey module from the Pineapple Bar, which I have clicked "remove" on, yet still appears in the web interface. If anyone has any ideas how I can upgrade my device under these conditions, I would truly appreciate it.

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Why are you updating manually? Plug the pineapple directly into your router and update it over the web interface... or did 2.4.1 not have that option?

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