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how do i see the urlsnarf stuff

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hey i running a windows PC and i want to know how to set up urlsnarf. in windows.

i clicked start urlsnarf and nothing happened.

Some more information would be useful, i take it you in your pineapple's web UI?

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I have the same problem, the Logs for the Urlsnarf dosn't show up anywhere in the UI, so basicly turning on URLsnarf dosnt do anything, guess this is what you get for being a Windowsturd ;p, hehe :)

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when i try to connect to the pineapple bar in the web ui it says

Error connecting!

Please make sure you have an internet connection.

but it has internet connection

Seems like you don't have internet connection sharing setup properly.

Take a look at our wiki and quickstart guides.

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I suggest you download the urlsnarf infusion from the pineapple bar - we removed the log from view as the infusion takes care of much more!

Is there any way to narrow the output to just the URL, I am no noob to the pineapple but quite the noob to the URLsnarf infusion its a pain having to look through 10 lines just to find the URL. One other thing, when i am ssh into the pineapple and cat urlsnarf.log, i get nothing. Even if urlsnarf is up and running and my client is surfing the internet.

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