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External Wi-Fi adapter in Android


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It's been a wild since my first try for making work a external Wi-Fi adapter in chrooted environement (debian). Here the step : First i choose the alpha AWS036H with the rtl8187 chipset because pcap capture support it so was thinking if it is mounted in Android then it will be in debian. Nope no luck !!! After several try I discover that i need to put 5v in it to make it work. I brought a y otg cable from Amazon. Boom !!! lsusb see it now !!! But how the hell I mount it ? I decide to give a try on compiling the driver !! Hell of a mess.... I cant find yhe headers ? Debian and Android use the same kernel when they are chrooted. Where i can find the headers ? Did i need to cross-compile ? If someone can help me with this ? Imagine a pocket wardriving ;-)

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ok so a lot of people think that they can just plug in an external wireless adapter with an otg cable nd theyre gonna start pwning every network wherever they go right? well no its not as simple as you think. i'll explain what you need to do, ive done it on a few of my tablets.

first you need to install a chroot ubuntu or debian on your phone or tablet, it sounds like youve done that already so good.

next chroot into the distribution by whatever means you want, terminal on the device, adb connection or whatever.

then wget the source for your devices kernel. (if you know how to get that) if not ill try and help you find it.

then youre gonna compile and install the drivers/modules just like you would on any linux box pretty much.

mkdir linux , cd linux

unpack the kernel source here.

(not every devices is the same but heres what i had to do on mine)

modify Makefile, Find the CFLAGS_MODULE line, add -fno-pic this flag to the end of the line: CFLAGS_MODULE = -fno-pic

$ zcat /proc/config.gz > .config

$ make oldconfig

modify .config or use "make menuconfig"

$ make -j5 modules

$ make modules_install

$ depmod -a

$ find /lib/modules/$ (uname -r) -name '*.ko


now while youre still getting an internet connection with your built in wireless you need to do this

apt-get install wicd-curses (or wicd-cli if you prefer) so that youll be able to manage your connections from the terminal

also need wpasupplicant and dbus plus any of their dependencies.

now after thats done you need to TURN OFF YOUR ANDROIDS WIFI! droid wont play nice with two wireless adapters trust me.

now you need to install your newly compiled modules

$ insmod from the terminal in your case youll need these three eeprom_93cx6.ko, mac80211.ko, rtl8187

start dbus and wicd (/etc/init.d/dbus start; /etc/init.d/wicd start)

run wicd-curses (or wicd-cli), refresh the network list and connect to your network

configure dns for android to your dns or to googles (setprop net.dns1


now when you want to stop using it just go in reverese

stop wicd and dbus (/etc/init.d/wicd stop; /etc/init.d/dbus stop)

kill any running dhcp clients (killall dhclient)

rmmod your modules (in your case eeprom_93cx6.ko, mac80211.ko, rtl8187)

then once you get all that going, you can be a mobile badass like me




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